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The pharmaceutical team at Patterson Family Pharmacy is dedicated to providing the latest pharmaceutical services to their community. One such service is PakMyMeds, one of the latest tools to help patients manage their medication. For patients struggling with multiple prescriptions, PakMyMeds provides a convenient solution for helping them keep everything organized.

What Is PakMyMeds?

PakMyMeds delivers medications in easy-to-use, time-stamped packages that take the guesswork out of taking your medication. Using this system, you can streamline your medication routine, prevent confusion, and ensure you adhere to your dosage schedule. These are all essential to getting the best health outcomes from pharmaceutical treatments.

Every pack will come with a label indicating the date, the day of the week and the time(s) the medication should be taken. It helps eliminate the guesswork that often accompanies keeping up with multiple dosages, especially when they must be taken on a varied schedule.

The features of PakMyMeds include:

  • Effortless Organization: Your medications will come sorted into individual packets, taking the guesswork out of what to take and when.
  • Clear Labeling: Every pack indicates the date, day of the week, and administration time. This ensures you’ll never miss a dose and will know how long it’s been since your last dose.
  • Safety And Compliance: Taking medications off your schedule can have unpleasant side effects. Doubling up on certain medications can even have notable health consequences. With the PakMyMeds, you’ll know you’re always safe and compliant with your schedule.
  • Convenience: PakMyMeds also makes sure that having your medication with you is straightforward. You remove the packets that you’ll need during your time and take them with you. When it’s time to take them, you open the pack, take your medication, and discard it.

All these benefits ensure that taking your medication is easy and streamlined, without concerns about missing a dose or doubling up on medications. Patterson Family Pharmacy is proud to offer this service at no additional cost and help you quickly manage your medications.

PakMyMeds can accommodate any medication schedule, regardless of the number of individual prescriptions involved. Imagine never having to carry around multiple pill bottles or struggling to remember if you took that last dose. With Patterson Family Pharmacy’s PakMyMeds, it’s within your reach! We can accommodate any patient’s needs and will provide these services for your entire family, pets included!

Learn About PakMyMeds with Patterson Family Pharmacy

Our team is committed to being an essential part of your healthcare regimen. We’ll work closely with you and your physicians to ensure your pharmaceutical needs are met safely, efficiently, and effectively. You can learn more about PakMyMeds by contacting us at (209) 892-8444 or by visiting our location at 101 S Del Puerto Avenue in Patterson, California. You can also learn more by visiting We welcome you to bring in your family and your concerns. We’ll show you why having us on your medical team will make taking care of your pharmaceutical needs faster, easier, and more convenient all around.

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