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We’ve all had the experience of being told that testing will be necessary prior as part of our medical care. It’s often an inconvenient, multi-stage process that makes seeing our PCP and getting our concerns treated even more difficult. Point-of-Care Testing is a significant advance in the delivery of convenient healthcare services. Rather than taking multiple steps and requiring days of waiting before you get your results, POCT gets you results quickly and at the point of care. Patterson Family Pharmacy is dedicated to making medical and pharmaceutical services more convenient. That’s why POCT is available at our location in Patterson, CA, for the local community and surrounding area.

Point-of-Care Testing: Swift and Reliable Results for Better Health Management

Point-of-care testing makes it possible to quickly provide results of medical tests without sacrificing accuracy. Our pharmacy is equipped to improve your health outcomes by quickly providing valuable information that will assist in the monitoring, diagnosing, and screening disease. By reducing the time needed for diagnosis, treatment of existing conditions can start sooner before your health concern becomes more severe. Rapid decision-making fueled by the proper information makes every step of treatment go more smoothly.

Point-Of-Care Services provided by Patterson Family Pharmacy Include:

  • Influenza A/B Testing
  • Streptococcus A Testing
  • COVID-19
  • Hemoglobin A1C

Point-of-Care services can be beneficial for a range of medical care services, including:

  • Routine Health Screening: These annual screenings often check for multiple concerns such as high cholesterol, diabetes, etc. POCT can get the results quickly and help speed up the outcome of these screenings.
  • Acute Illness Diagnosis: Streptococcus A and Rapid Influenza testing effectively confirms the underlying health concern for your symptoms. This reduces how long it takes to get appropriate treatment and speeds recovery.
  • Chronic Disease Management: Conditions like diabetes can be easier to manage with point-of-care testing by providing lab-quality blood glucose testing and immediate feedback.

By working in tandem with your physician, Patterson Family Pharmacy can improve the outcomes of your regular care. This is achieved by providing rapid results and communicating with your physician in real time. Together, our team and your physician are able to improve the precision of treatment, enhance your experience, and produce better outcomes.

Patterson Family Pharmacy Is Your Partner In Effective Care

When you’re ready to start experiencing the speed and convenience of point-of-care testing, it’s time to come see our team in Patterson, California. We’re dedicated to ensuring our customers have excellent experiences and are able to get the most out of their healthcare experience. You can reach out to us at (209) 892-8444 or come see us at 101 S Del Puerto Ave, Patterson, CA 95363 today! We look forward to being the pharmacy you choose for your family and becoming a vital part of what makes your healthcare better.

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