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Patterson Family Pharmacy is devoted to ensuring that the healthcare solutions available to our patients are as unique as they are. No two patients are the same, nor are their health concerns, so why should their healthcare be? One-size-fits-all healthcare ends up being more of a ‘one-size-fits-no one’ solution. One way we strive to provide personalized pharmacy care is through the use of compounding services. This pharmaceutical practice permits medication to be customized to the individual patient. This can improve efficacy and improve patient adherence and comfort with their treatment.

Compounding: A Tailored Approach To Your Medication

Compounding is a practice as old as medicine and focuses on creating personalized prescriptions for each patient. By working closely with our patient physicians, Patterson Family Pharmacy can provide tailor-made medications for you. This allows us to deliver options that generally aren’t available with medications bought off-the-shelf.

Some examples of how compounding services can be used include:

  • Altered Dosage Forms: Medication delivery methods y that are not generally available, such as turning liquid medication into pills.
  • Personalized Dosages: Specific doses are tailored to the patient’s needs.
  • Allergen-Free Medications: Medications free of ingredients that trigger allergies in some patients.
  • Flavored Medication: Flavored medications to make them more palatable to children or other patients.
  • Combination Medications: Taking multiple medications can be made more convenient by creating a single dose that makes it simple and convenient to stick with your medication regimen.
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy: Hormone treatments are inevitably very personal in their dosage and combination. Compounding allows making these essential medications to be specifically tailored to your needs.

This flexibility can make treatment more accessible to patients, regardless of their challenges. Compounding services are an excellent compliment to the standard care provided by your physician. We can determine if off-the-shelf medications cannot meet your needs by working with them. If so, our pharmacists will use the information provided by your physician to produce a compounded medication. Through this approach, you’ll be provided with treatment that is specific to your preferences and health needs.

Compounding is just one of the ways that Patterson Family Pharmacy works to fulfill its commitment to providing practical, personalized care for our patients. Using state-of-the-art technology and the age-old practice of compounding, you can receive medication that is tailor-made for your health concerns and personal needs.

Your Partner in Personalized Care

Here at Patterson Family Pharmacy, you’ll find a team of experts committed to helping you navigate your healthcare journey with our dedication and expertise. We invite you to visit our clinic at 101 S Del Puerto Ave, Patterson, CA 95363, and meet the team to learn more about our compounding services. We’ll also be happy to provide any information you may need when you call (209) 892-8444. Together, we’ll find ways to improve your healthcare experience and ensure you receive the best care possible.

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