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Request a Refill

Refill your prescriptions using RxLocal

At Patterson Family Pharmacy in Patterson, California, we understand life gets busy, and it can be a hassle to find time to request prescription refills or stop by the pharmacy. That’s why we make refilling your prescriptions easy through RxLocal. You don’t even have to call us to get a prescription refill! Just use the RxLocal app to request your refill. It’s as simple as that!

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Refill Your Prescription Order

Need help refilling your prescription order? We offer refills at our pharmacy through RxLocal. To request a refill using RxLocal, all you have to do is select “Refill My Prescriptions,” and then select our pharmacy and the patient it belongs to. Then, you’ll select the medication(s) you want to refill, and choose your pickup or delivery method!

It’s never been easier to refill your prescriptions at our family pharmacy. Click the button below to get started!